Fundamentals of Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Course Design

OED201   Administered by: Office for Equity and Diversity

Fundamentals of Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Course Design is comprised of three 20-minute modules: Module 1 - Understanding Disability and Reasonable Accommodations; Module 2 - Providing Reasonable Accommodations for Disability; Module 3 - Inclusive Course Design. This interactive and highly accessible course provides faculty and instructors the opportunity to learn at their own pace and to work through exercises on disability accommodations and inclusive course design.


Over the past five years, the University of Minnesota has experienced a significant increase in students seeking disability accommodations in our courses. To address this increase, the Office of the Provost and the Office for Equity and Diversity have partnered to implement a required online course for all faculty and instructors on disability accommodations and inclusive course design, with a particular focus on designing courses to support student mental health. The development and implementation of this course closely follows recommendations from the Task Force on Disability Accommodations in the Learning Environment and University governance. This online professional development course provides faculty and instructors with foundational knowledge on how to reduce barriers in the learning environment through disability accommodation and inclusive course design strategies. This course also supports faculty and instructors' work by sharing information, strategies, and resources that may streamline the reasonable accommodation and inclusive design processes, reduce the need for some individualized accommodations, and support access and learning for students.

Learning Outcomes

In this course the following questions will be explored and answered:

  • What disability-related conditions are University of Minnesota students experiencing?
  • What are reasonable accommodations for disability and why are they important?
  • What are the laws and policies that support access and inclusion for disabled individuals?
  • What do I need to know about Accommodation Letters?
  • What is the interactive process for identifying and implementing reasonable accommodations?
  • What is my role in implementing reasonable accommodations for students?
  • How do I know when an accommodation would compromise essential course requirements?
  • Where do I go for help if I don't know how to implement a requested accommodation?
  • What is inclusive course design and how can it benefit me and my students?
  • How can I be more inclusive in my assessments, pedagogy, and course communications?

Who should attend

The course is required for all faculty and instructors (faculty, instructional staff, and graduate teaching assistants). Staff and students are also invited to participate in this online course. 


Influencing Disability Inclusion

DD0001   Administered by: UMD Disability Resources

Online training for students, staff, and faculty interested in advancing inclusion for people with disabilities.


This online module designed for students, faculty, and staff takes you through some of the basics of being an inclusion influencer for persons with disabilities. Learn some strategies for recognizing and reducing barriers for persons with disabilities. 

The goal of this training is to promote understanding and awareness about disabilities in order to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Who should attend

University of Minnesota Duluth students, faculty, and staff.

How to access this interactive online training:

1.  Go to MyU

2.  Click on Key Links

3.  Click on Training Hub

4.  Click on Course Catalog

5.  Search for keyword "Influencing Disability Inclusion"

6. Click on Enroll in Course & then View Details

7. Click Launch Canvas Course & Begin!


Video Resources

YouTube Video (8K9Gg164Bsw)