Student Referrals

If students are encountering barriers for reasons unknown to you, consider presenting them with a list of resources, which may include:

  • Disability Resources
  • Tutoring Center
  • Writers' Workshop
  • Academic advisors
  • UMD Counseling Services
  • UMD Health Services

If a student approaches you and discloses that they have a disability, please refer them to our office. Students can contact us at 258 Kirby Student Center, by email at [email protected], and phone at 218-726-6130.

Examples of when to connect students with Disability Resources:

  • Students who indicate their academic barriers are disability related.
  • Students that are asking for disability accommodations but have no Letter of Accommodation (LOA).
  • Students with consistent testing barriers such as always running out of time, often mis-reading test questions or are unable to maintain focus on the test.
  • Students who report test anxiety.