ASL Interpreters

Request interpreters at least two weeks in advance

We will make every effort to accommodate late requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.
UMD has a full time certified sign language interpreter on staff to provide communication access for deaf and hard of hearing students and guests of the university. UMN UReturn coordinates UMD staff/faculty interpreting requests. 

Guidelines for Working With an Interpreter

  • Please share your preferences with the interpreter such as signing style, finger spelling, or sign choices.
  • Ask for the adjustments you need (e.g. speeding up, slowing down, signing bigger or smaller, using more English word order, etc.) Most interpreters can meet your specific needs if you let them know what they are.
  • Make sure your interpreter has the necessary course materials. This may include PowerPoint slides, scripts for presentation, or supplemental reading materials.
  • Communicate changes in schedule, if you’ll be missing class, location changes, etc.