Note Taking

Disability Resources offers GLEAN for note taking accommodations:

Glean Note Taking Accommodation

Our office now has full access for students to the Glean note taking software program - Glean note taking software boosts your ability to learn and build knowledge from class. Glean is a note taking solution that records audio notes so you can capture and learn from information more effectively. 

Here is a video introducing Glean.

With Glean, you can take detailed, super-useful notes completely independently, by recording, marking up the important bits, and adding slides and reference material alongside.

Never miss a thing again

Say goodbye to chasing down information that you missed because the speaker was talking too quickly. Capture every word in lectures, meetings or Zoom classes.

Concentrate on understanding, not on note taking

Without the pressure of frantically scribbling notes down, you can actually think about what you are hearing, make connections with what you already know, and consider how that knowledge could be applied for work or study.

Better notes, better outcomes

With our software you can take the best notes of your life! Get ready for recordings, text notes, images from the whiteboard, slides, and reference material -- all saved in the one file and instantly accessible whenever you need it.