Alternative Text

Alternative Format Texts 

When standard print is a disability related barrier, students can request that their textbooks and other printed academic materials (such as syllabi, PowerPoints, articles, etc.) be converted to an alternate, electronic format. Use the online request form below for textbooks in this format. There are several options available for alternative format text such as:

  • E-text books
  • Audio books
  • Enlarged texts
  • Braille 

What is E-text?

E-text is short for "electronic text" and refers to an electronic document that has been formatted with accessibility in mind. E-text can be easily transported, magnified or enlarged, and read aloud using text-to-speech or screen reading software. 

What is Read and Write Gold?

Read and Write Gold is a text to speech program that is available to all UMD students free of charge. It can help with reading, writing, study skills, and research. Use the links below to download Read and Write Gold to your computer. This is a tool that can be used to read your textbooks electronically and aloud to you on your computer or laptop.

How can I request E-Text books as an accommodation?

  1. If it's been determined that e-text is a reasonable accommodation, you may request e-text accommodations for your classes. Request your alternate format materials early and through the DR Student Portal. Alternative format requests can take up to 4 weeks to fulfill by the publisher so it is important to request your books early.
  2. Check the UMD Stores lists for required textbooks. If the books for your classes are not listed yet, contact your instructors and ask about required reading materials.
  3. Buy the textbooks. Book publishers and copyright laws require that textbook be purchased before accessible materials can be shared with the student. You will be asked to submit proof of purchase or receipts for the books to our office. E-text files provided by publishers will be released once proof of ownership has been provided. 
  4. Share with our office a copy of your actual textbook receipt or proof of purchase immediately after submitting e-text book requests online. That can be done by emailing [email protected] or by dropping off a physical copy at 258 KSC.
  5. If accessible files are not available from the publisher, we will contact you and ask that you deliver a hard copy of your book to our office to be scanned. This process usually has a four to five day turn-around.
  6. Notify your Disability Specialist immediately of changes in your book needs. Materials may not be reproduced or shared as would be a violation of Copyright Law of the United States. See the UMD Student Code of Conduct for more information.

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