Schedule Exams

How to Request Proctored Exams with DR 

Exams must be scheduled through the Student Portal.  You are required to request your exams at least four days in advance and ten days in advance for finals. For assistance, please review the How to Submit an Exam Request ACE Tutorial

Scheduling Expectations: Schedule exams at the same date and time as the class, unless:

  • you have made arrangements with your instructor
  • you have an accommodation to test at a specific time of day
  • you have a night class, in which case the exam must be scheduled within the Disability Resources business hours (Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm) 
  • To cancel an exam, please do so in your Student Portal, or call or email DR at [email protected] or 218-726-6130.

Tip: Review all exam dates listed on your course syllabi and request them at the beginning of the semester. You can schedule exams as soon as possible according to the dates and times provided by your instructor and you do not run the risk of missing the deadline for requests.

Late Exam Requests 

Disability Resources cannot proctor your exam in our offices if you miss the four days in advance deadline. If this happens, you will need to reach out to your instructor to see if they can proctor the exam; if not, you will take the exam in the classroom without your accommodation. The requirement to request exams in advance is necessary due to the volume of exams we proctor and is a reasonable requirement for accommodations to be implemented.

Exam rescheduling

Exams can be rescheduled up until 4 days prior to the original exam date. 

Reschedule exams on the Student Portal. Steps to reschedule:

  1. Obtain permission to reschedule directly from your instructor. DR does not decide if/when you reschedule.
  2. Go the Exams tab
  3. Find the exam to reschedule
  4. Click Edit/Reschedule next to the exam date
  5. Submit the edited request, which will return to faculty for approval

Please do not create a new exam request. Once your exam is rescheduled, you will see the request under exams. Once faculty have approved the new date/time, it will show as a scheduled exam. 

Scheduling final exams:

  • You must schedule your final exams with DR at least 10 days in advance. 
  • In the weeks before finals, we will send out an email reminder of the 10 day final exam request.  
  • During finals week, we create additional testing space in Kirby Student Center Griggs 202, per accommodations approved by your Disability Specialist at the beginning of the semester.  We will post student ID, time, and initials on a white board outside our offices the morning of your scheduled exam date, so you can confirm your exam location.
  • If your final exam can be taken from home, please do not schedule to take in DR due to the volume of finals proctored.