The Office of Disability Resources is committed to ensuring that the educational opportunities and other programs and services at UMD are accessible and inclusive to students with disabilities.

Disability Resources will promptly respond to student concerns about this office’s process, services, or reasonable accommodations offered.  We are also here to assist students in resolving concerns associated with a specific course, instructor, or other campus staff person or department.

Students who wish to address concerns about the accommodations or services received should follow this process:

  1. Communicate your concerns with your Disability Specialist as soon as possible to discuss the concern.  Most often, concerns can be resolved at this level.

  2. If not resolved, or you are not able to talk with your Disability Specialist, contact Emily Norenberg, Director of Disability Resources, to discuss your concerns.

  3. If not resolved, consult with Katie Jackson, Director of Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, to discuss your concerns and consider filing a grievance.