Faculty & Staff

Student access updates from Disability Resources

Faculty colleagues,

As we begin the new semester, please be aware of the follow disability access updates:

Commitment to access:  The University of Minnesota Duluth values diverse identities and experiences, and honors disability as an important aspect of human diversity.   Disability Resources works in partnership with students and guests to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus.   Trends in disability access shift over time, and you may have observed that more students are requesting disability accommodations.  Additional information on disability access trends and steps for creating a welcoming classroom environment are available at the Disability Resources faculty page (see the “access updates” tab).

Accommodations:  Disability accommodations continue to be available for any student who experiences barriers to access, regardless of the teaching modality.   Students who disclose a disability and want to request accommodations should be directed to the online Request for Accommodations form.

Faculty Portal:  Disability Resources is excited to introduce a portal that allows faculty to view - by class - all students requesting accommodations and their associated accommodation letters.  Take a moment to login and explore, and let us know if you have questions about how to navigate the portal.   Don’t forget to bookmark the faculty portal link so you can easily access it throughout the year!

Universal design:  To make online courses more accessible to all students, consider implementing these simple strategies:

Disability Resources continues to be your partner in ensuring access.  Please connect with the Office of Disability Resources for support and consultation around any student access concerns that may arise.