How to Use Test Accommodations

  • Students meet with a Disability Specialist at the beginning of each term to create a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) and get Test Accommodation Forms.
  • We then email a copy of the LOA to each assigned faculty member.
  • Meet with each professor taking your Test Accommodation Form. Discuss your accommodations and have your professor sign your Test Accommodation Form. Do not leave your form with the instructor.
  • Bring your completed Test Accommodation Form to our office located at 258 Kirby Student Center at least 3 working days before the first exam in that class. Late requests for accommodated exams cannot be guaranteed.
  • On test day, go directly to the Disability Resources office to take your exam.
  • Note: If a professor and student make arrangements for accommodated testing in the department/classroom, it's not necessary for the student to return the Test Accommodations Form to our office.

Test Changes or Cancellations

  • Students must make all changes at least one 1 working day before the exam date. 
  • Paper copies of the Test Change Request form are available at our office.
  • Changes or cancellations can also be made online using the Test Change Request.

Student Expectations

  • All students are expected to abide by the academic integrity section of UMD's conduct code which is total honesty and integrity.
  • No cell phones, backpacks, watches, i-Pods, etc. will be allowed in the testing rooms.
  • Rooms are checked randomly.